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World leaders attending Queen’s funeral requested to arrive by commercial flights

LONDON: World leaders, preparing to attend one of the most important and historic events in UK history in recent times, have been informed of strict protocols being followed at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen’s funeral will be held next Monday, 19 September at Westminster Abbey in London.

According to Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) documents, all heads of state and their spouses planning to attend state funerals have been asked to come by commercial flights instead of private ones. Also, they have been asked not to use helicopters.

According to documents obtained by Politico, he has reportedly been told that he cannot use his state car to get to the event scheduled at 11 a.m. local time at Westminster Abbey and will instead be taken to a location in west London. will be taken by bus.

The FCDO said in an official protocol message about the event that Westminster Abbey would be so overcrowded that it would be impossible to allow more than one, senior representative from each country and their spouse to attend.

In a document sent to embassies and high commissions abroad on Saturday night, the FCDO said, “It regrets that due to limited space for state funerals and related events, the guest of honor may be any other family member, employee or accompanying person.” cannot be allowed to attend it.

It states that the head of state who cannot attend the event may send a head of government or a senior minister as his official representative.

US President Joe Biden has told reporters of his plans to be present at the funeral. Some other world leaders have also spoken of attending it.

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