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What is the right time to eat fruits? Know which fruits are wrong to eat empty stomach


Fruits can be consumed at any time.
In diabetes, fruit should not be consumed with food.
Eating fruits can increase calorie intake.

Right Time To Eat Fruits – Consuming fruits is very important to stay healthy and fit. Along with children, adults also like to eat fruits. Fruits contain a variety of nutrients and antioxidants that can help fight any disease. It is advisable to eat only fruits when sick. But it is also important to have the correct information about how much quantity and at what time these fruits should be eaten. Many people advise not to eat fruits in the evening, then someone refuses to eat fruits after eating. At the same time, there are some such fruits which can be harmful if eaten on an empty stomach. Let us know what is the right time to eat fruits and which fruits can be harmful by eating empty stomach.
Consumption of fruits is necessary to make the body strong and healthy. according to the healthline Any time of the day can be chosen to eat the fruit. Fruits are rich in nutrients which can be consumed throughout the day but during any illness or treatment, fruits can be consumed according to the time.

during weight loss
Fruits are rich in fiber, which keeps the stomach full for a long time after eating. Therefore, it is advisable to eat fruits between 11 to 12 noon during weight loss. Eating fruits at 12 o’clock will make you feel full, due to which fewer calories can be eaten in lunch. Apart from this, fruits are sweet, due to which they contain more calories. Eating fruits immediately after meals can lead to extra calorie intake in the body, so it is advisable not to eat fruits after meals.

fruits in diabetes
Eating fruits along with other food items can increase the chances of developing diabetes. Both food and fruit contain a high amount of protein, fat and fiber, which when taken together can increase the blood sugar level. Diabetes patients should take fruits during breakfast. So that the energy remains in the body throughout the day and also gets time to burn the extra calories of fruits.

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fruits in pregnancy
Eating fruits during pregnancy is very important. Although fruits can be eaten at any time during pregnancy, but eating fruits before eating can cause gas problem. Therefore, fruits should be consumed after breakfast in pregnancy. The risk of diabetes is also high in pregnancy, so it is important to control calories.

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