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To reduce double chin, do ‘throne’ daily, health will get these big benefits

Benefits of throne yoga (Simhasana) : Due to today’s lifestyle and dress in daily work, most of the people are becoming a victim of obesity. Obesity may sound common in saying and hearing but it is not a common problem. Not only can it spoil your physical personality, but it also has a bad effect on your mental health. Mostly due to obesity, double chin starts appearing on the face. Due to the double chin, the face can appear stretched and hanging. Many natural techniques can be used to reduce double chin, in which face exercises and yoga are a healthy way. Throne yoga is very beneficial for reducing double chin, which is beneficial in many other things besides double chin.

advantages of thrones
According to Yoga Instantly
Throne is an anti aging therapy which helps in reducing double chin and wrinkles from the face. By doing the throne, the face, the eyes, the ears, the tongue, and from the throat to the chest, everyone gets the ability and the right strength to work properly. Mental stress is reduced by doing throne. Those who have the problem of stuttering, the throne is beneficial for them. It helps in keeping the skin tight by reducing the wrinkles of the face in aging. Practicing it everyday helps to relax and strengthen the neck muscles.

Correct way to do throne yoga
To do throne yoga, sit in Vajrasana by making a distance between the knees on the yoga mat.
Sit down with your waist straight and keep both hands on your knees.
While doing yoga, pay special attention to the breath and try to take out the tongue according to your ability.
While exhaling, the tongue comes out along with the sound from the mouth.
Repeat this process at least 4 times.
Throne yoga can be done at any time on an empty stomach.
It is more beneficial to do it every morning on an empty stomach.

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