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These 5 yogasanas are beneficial for the physical and mental health of children, there will be rapid development


To calm the mind of children, they can be done Tadasana.
Children can enjoy while doing Vakrasana and will also do asanas.

Yoga for children : There is no age for doing yoga. There are many special exercises and yogasanas for every age. There are some yogasanas for children, through which their mental and physical development is done. When children are small, they are not disciplined either. In such a situation, they can be disciplined through yoga. Through yoga, the body of children becomes flexible, which plays an important role in their positive development. Through yoga, children are attracted towards positive mentality, due to which they can become number one in both education and life. Know about some such asanas.

Tadasana: according to style craze Tadasana is very simple and powerful easy. Along with making the body strong, it also makes children mentally strong and disciplined. For children, this can be like a fun activity.

Vakrasana: Vakrasana helps in working on balance and calms the mind. Maintaining balance in this mudra requires a lot of concentration. This asana relaxes the mind and mouth. It does not even require any special effort, so children enjoy it.

Baddhakonasana: This strengthens the baby’s ankles and the lower part of the spine. This asana looks like an open book, and children will have a lot of fun while doing this asana.

Balasan: This is a grounding pose that is effective in calming the mind. This asana also works as a restorative pose. While doing this mudra, you should remain calm so that the children see you and do this asana calmly.

Sukhasan: Sukhasana is a great stress buster. It gives peace to the child’s mind and completely relaxes the body. Children need to practice this. This leads to the overall mental development of the child.

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