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These 5 symptoms of TV can be in the stomach too, do not ignore if you see


Severe abdominal cramping is a symptom of gastrointestinal tuberculosis
Food is not digested properly in people suffering from stomach TB

Gastrointestinal Tuberculosis: When it comes to TB disease, most people only know about lung TB, but TB disease can occur in any part of the body. When TB occurs outside the lungs, it is called extra pulmonary TB. One of these is gastrointestinal tuberculosis. Gastrointestinal TB occurs in the peritoneum and lymph of the abdomen. It is caused by infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In India, the number of such TB patients occurring in the small intestine is 5-9 percent of the total TB patients. It is the second most common intestinal disease in India after typhoid fever. The risk of getting this disease is highest in diabetic and HIV positive patients.

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5 symptoms of stomach TB

  • Weight loss-In people suffering from gastrointestinal tuberculosis or stomach TB, food is not digested properly. Due to this the digestive system gets obstructed. When the digestive system is affected, it becomes difficult for the body to get essential nutrients and vitamins from food. The result is that the body becomes weak and there is a decrease in weight and strength.
  • Persistent mild fever: Persistent mild fever can also be a symptom of gastrointestinal tuberculosis. In this the patient’s temperature may rise suddenly, which may result in heavy sweating. If you see any such symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Change in eating habits: Gastrointestinal TB can greatly affect eating habits. Due to this, the patient may have to face a sudden decrease in appetite.
  • Abdominal cramps: Severe cramping in the abdomen is a clear symptom of gastrointestinal tuberculosis. It should not be ignored at any cost. Cramps can be intermittent but can sometimes be felt as a sharp pain around the navel area.

5. Diarrhea and Vomiting: According to reports, one in three people suffering from gastrointestinal tuberculosis show symptoms of diarrhea. Vomiting or nausea is also one of its main symptoms. Due to poor digestion process, one may feel like vomiting after eating food or even after drinking water.

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