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The biggest question is, should pregnant women drink coffee? This thing came out in research

Coffee in pregnancy: The sweet aroma of coffee makes most of the people crazy. As soon as the aroma of coffee is felt, there is a urge to drink coffee. For those who are fond of drinking coffee, the day is not complete without coffee. In such a situation, how can pregnant women stop themselves from drinking coffee. Many people pay particular attention to the way they make their coffee—some make it on a French press, while others love their share of the filter. However, some moderation is always important to enjoy coffee, as it contains copious amounts of caffeine. In such a situation, the question abounds, is it safe to drink coffee during pregnancy? Does it have any side effects?

Pregnant women are advised to take healthy and nutritious food to stimulate the growth of the baby and keep themselves healthy. Consumption of alcohol or smoking during pregnancy is strictly prohibited. In such a situation, many people remain confused about whether the caffeine present in coffee is safe in pregnancy or not.

What does research say

A research has shown that consuming more than the recommended dosage of coffee i.e. 200 mg during pregnancy can cause complications for the health of the baby. A study titled “Coffee Consumption During Pregnancy – What the Gynecologist Should Know” has been published in which it has been found that consuming more than the recommended level of caffeine during pregnancy slows the metabolism. Thus caffeine enters the fetus through the bloodstream causing health complications for both the mother and the baby.

But this does not mean that everyone is harmed by coffee. Coffee has many benefits for those who are not pregnant. Research has said that if coffee is taken with a paper filter without sugar or milk, then it has a very positive effect. Drinking 2-3 cups of coffee a day has an anti-hypertensive effect in the body. That is, it has a positive effect on the activity of the nervous system, digestive system, cardiovascular and renal systems.

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