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Russia: Bihar’s Abhay Singh wins election with record votes, MLA from Putin’s party

Kursk (Russia). Abhay Singh of Bihar has won the election of deputy in the Kursk city of western Russia with a huge vote. Abhay Singh is originally from Patna city of Bihar. The election of the deputy in Russia has been won for the second time. The post of Deputy is similar to that of State Legislator (MLA) in India. Assembly elections in Russia have recently been completed. In this, the United Russia Party led by President Putin has won and Abhay Singh was also a candidate from this party.

Abhay Singh is the only Indian to have won a record-breaking victory on a political post like deputy in Russia. He did his early studies from Loyola High School, Patna. After this, in the 1990s, he moved to Russia and enrolled in a medical college there. After becoming a doctor, he returned to India and practiced for some time. After this once again he went to Russia and settled there. In Russia, he joined Putin’s party and won the election because of his popularity. This time he won the election by getting about 70 percent votes, which has become a record.

Getting respect in Russia, but victory was not so easy
It is said about Abhay Singh that today he is a big businessman of Russia and he has many properties. He is also a businessman from real estate. However, he also had to fight hard in Russia. He also faced many challenges due to apartheid and other reasons. Abhay Singh’s father died in his childhood. After that he had to take on many responsibilities.

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