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Piles pain relief: Follow these five tips to get instant relief from piles pain, it will work better than medicine


Taking a warm bath provides instant relief from piles pain
Aloe vera is a panacea for piles pain.
Ice pack relieves the pain of piles

New Delhi. In piles or piles, the veins of the anus swell, causing unbearable pain due to swelling inside or outside. Piles is a problem in most people, but only a few people show symptoms or have trouble with the symptoms. People who have the problem of piles come out like a wart around their anus. It causes itching, pain and many other problems. When there is a lot of stress on the lower part of the waist due to some reason, then the symptoms of piles start appearing. Due to this, there is a constant complaint of constipation. Apart from this, chronic diarrhea and lifting too much weight can also lead to piles. Many other reasons are also responsible for this. The person who has a complaint of piles, they suffer the most from the pain. Keeping this in view, we are telling here five easy home remedies to get relief from the pain of piles.

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remedies for pain relief

  • warm bath-medical news today According to this, taking a warm bath gives instant relief from the pain of piles. For this, keep hot water in a bathtub and sit on it without touching the water. It also reduces the swelling of the veins and gives instant relief from irritation or itching.
  • coconut oil-Coconut oil acts as a natural moisturizer. Applying it near the anus provides relief from the pain of piles. Apply coconut oil regularly if you have complaints of piles. Due to this, there will be no scratch on the affected area, due to which the pain due to bursting of nerves will not happen.
  • Aloe Vera-Aloe vera is a panacea for the pain of piles. According to Biomedical Research International, aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that are very helpful in reducing wounds or inflammation. It keeps it soft instead of piles. Aloe vera can provide relief from burning, itching and swelling caused by piles. Cleanliness is very important to get relief from piles. If dirt grows in the affected area, then the risk increases manifold.
  • ice pack-Whenever the pain of piles bothers a lot, then apply ice pack on the affected area for immediate relief. Applying an ice pack while sitting or when the hemorrhoids are exacerbating can help reduce the pain and swelling temporarily. Wrap the ice pack in a small towel and apply. This will not cause any harm to the skin. Leave the ice pack on for 15 minutes.

5. Olive OilOlive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it relieves the pain of piles just like coconut oil. Olive oil can reduce inflammation. Apply olive oil on the swollen area. This will reduce swelling.

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