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Now Alzheimer’s happening at the age of 55, diabetes-BP can be a big reason

World Alzheimer’s day 2022: The disease of Alzheimer’s (severe forgetfulness), once occurring at the age of 80-85 years, is making people its victims at the age of 55. The special thing is that in countries like Australia, UK and America, the number of patients of Alzheimer’s and dementia is decreasing while in India the number of such patients is increasing rapidly. Along with this, the age limit of the people affected by it has also reduced considerably. Even before the age of retirement, people are facing problems like forgetfulness, loss of mental balance, loss of memory, weak brain, inability to take care of themselves. Talking about India, at present there are more than 60 lakh patients of Alzheimer’s or dementia. At the same time, a report of ICMR states that by 2050, the number of such patients will increase to around 1.5 crore.

According to experts, this number of Alzheimer’s patients present in India should be tripled because it has been seen that The other two people in the house engaged in taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient also fall prey to some mental disorders. At the same time, people coming in the grip of this disease at an early age is pointing towards a big problem.

based in delhi All India Institute of Medical Sciences Professor in Neurology and The Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India Delhi Chapter the president of Dr. Manjari Tripathi It is being seen in many research and studies that abroad Alzheimer’s or dementia The number of patients of (Alzheimer or Dementia) is decreasing because the problems of diabetes and blood pressure have been controlled there. Along with this, lifestyle and eating habits have been changed. In these countries, people are also being made aware of diseases like dementia since their youth, whereas in India, the number of diabetes and BP patients has increased since the corona.

Vitamin deficiency deficiency and thyroid can also be the reason
Dr. Manjari says that if someone has diabetes or has a problem of high blood pressure, then there is a possibility of complaining of Alzheimer’s later. At the same time, it has also been seen that both these diseases also come together when there is Alzheimer’s. Apart from this, the chances of getting stress, depression, sleeplessness, being disturbed, heart or lung related diseases also increase. Therefore, very difficult situations arise for the patient. Not only this, in today’s era, vitamin B12 deficiency is found in most people and especially women. It can also be responsible for mental disorders like Alzheimer’s or dementia. At the same time, the problem of thyroid in women also weakens the memory.

Adequate sleep and daily walking can help
, Prevent diabetes and BP problems. If you are struggling with both of these then change your lifestyle. Take proper care.
, Get enough sleep. Sleeping for 7-8 hours daily is the best way to prevent Alzheimer’s.
, It has been revealed in the study that by walking 10,000 steps daily, this disorder can be avoided. Walking has a positive effect on the nerves and muscles in the brain and reduces the problem of forgetfulness.
, Pay special attention to food. Eat nutritious food. Apart from this, super foods like almonds, walnuts are beneficial.
, If the weight is more then reduce it. Try not to sit in one place.
, Be happy and do other activities like listening to songs, walking, talking to people.
, Keep stress away. To relieve stress, go out of the house. Take part in social activities. Don’t be alone
, Keep learning some new things. Whatever the age, learn a new language, a new sport, a new skill, so that you stay busy and keep exercising your brain.

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