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In diabetes, take liquorice in tea instead of sugar, there will be many benefits, know

Diabetes is a big problem in the world today. Due to this, many types of diseases related to heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves can occur. According to the World Health Organization, 422 million people worldwide are suffering from diabetes. There is a significant number of these in India. Actually, when the amount of glucose in the blood starts increasing, then the disease of diabetes occurs. This is the reason why people suffering from diabetes have to avoid sugar or sugar. Many people use sweetener instead of sugar, but it also has many side effects. In such a situation, liquorice can be an effective alternative to sugar.

Liquorice is a bushy plant. Many of its properties have been described in Ayurveda. In many parts of India, the bark of its stem is dried and used in many diseases. It is commonly used to soothe sore teeth, gums and sore throat. But if you have diabetes, then you can use liquorice in place of sugar or sweetener in tea and get many benefits from it. This will not only bring sweetness to the tea, but the taste will also be wonderful.
effective in many diseases

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According to the news, the taste of liquorice is cold. Its digestion is very slow and it is sweet in taste. Nutritionist Bhuvan Rastogi has told about its medicinal properties on Instagram. Bhuvan Rastogi explains, “Antioxidants are present in liquorice which is very beneficial in gut health. Apart from this, it removes ulcers, respiratory problems and bacterial infections. Although they also say that there is less research on liquorice like other medicinal plants. Most of the research has been done on animals. Therefore, there is a need to do concrete research on this right now.

how much should be taken

Bhuvan Rastogi says that liquorice is undoubtedly full of medicinal properties, but it should be consumed in limited quantity as its excessive quantity can cause harm. According to Rastogi, only 1 to 5 grams of liquorice should be consumed in a day.

liquorice side effects

Nowadays, liquorice is being processed and sold in the market. It contains an excessive amount. Because of this, it can increase the risk related to heart. Therefore, the use of processed liquorice should be avoided.

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