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‘If it is hot, take tea to cool down’, these home tips for good health will turn the mind

Strange But True Health Tips: Everyone aspires for a better health and fitness. People adopt different types of remedies at home for good health. Sometimes someone drinks hot water in the morning for a beautiful shapely body, then someone avoids junk food, but all these methods for health are very traditional. In the changing environment, we cannot keep ourselves healthy by relying on them now and they were not that effective anymore.

forma easy website According to the news of, today we will look at some such unconventional ways of making you health which are quite strange in the present time, even these methods will be fun for you. Although these tips are a bit old but they are still very effective today.

If you want to take a nap, just drink coffee!
It is very famous in Japanese that if you want to sleep or take a nap, then drink a lot. In Japan it is also known as coffee nap. In a survey it was found that people who took a coffee nap did better in their work. But the biggest question was whether drinking coffee really makes you sleepy. Drinking a lot of adenosine enters the body and this triggers your brain. When adenosine levels rise, you feel more tired and this makes you feel drowsy.

Do not brush teeth immediately after eating
Often people are seen giving salad even after not brushing after eating food. This may sound very strange to you. Actually the reason behind this is that it is right not to do this when you have drunk citrus fruits, soda, tomatoes or any sour drink. Citrus substances help in increasing the brightness of the teeth. Brushing the tooth does not increase the shine. Brushing should be done at least half an hour after eating.

put on weight for a smaller size
It may seem surprising that if you want to reduce your size, then put on weight. Weight gain increases muscle mass. It is possible that a pound of fat and a pound of muscle weigh the same. But there is less space in the muscles. Therefore, if you have large muscles, even if you have the same weight, your clothing size may be smaller.

Eat chips, cake to increase appetite
Are you such a person who believes that if you eat a few chips, or if you eat a piece of cake, then it will not make any difference in your diet, there will be no loss on weight, then it is wrong. But these sweet and salty snacks only increase your appetite, making you overeat, as small amounts of carbs spike your blood sugar and your hunger starts to increase.

If you are tired, stay away from energy drinks
Whenever we feel tired, we turn to energy drinks. We think that it gives us energy, but behind this we also have a big loss. Energy drinks contain at least five times more caffeine than coffee, which gives us energy, but it also runs out very soon. There are also many side effects of taking it. Consuming energy drinks continuously can lead to complaints like fatigue, dizziness and irritability.

Say no to soda if you want to lose weight
If you are troubled by your increasing weight and want to reduce it, you have to stay away from soda. In fact, it should not be a part of anyone’s diet. A research has revealed that adults who are obese consume more calories as well as consume more beverages like soda.

drink tea when you feel hot
Have you ever wondered why people in India prefer to drink tea instead of cold drinks or cold coffee even in the scorching heat. This is because tea helps in cooling. When someone drinks hot tea or coffee, it causes sweating and when the sweat comes in contact with the air, it feels cool.

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