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Higher education for refugees more difficult than children from host countries: UN

United Nations: The UN refugee agency said in a report released Tuesday that educational opportunities for refugees in their host countries are much more limited than for children there.

The agency said that children who have been forced to leave their country and settle elsewhere should also get access to quality education.

The ‘All Inclusive Campaign for Refugee Education’ report states that in the academic session 2020-21, 42 per cent of refugee children worldwide were attending pre-school (nursery, kindergarten), while 68 per cent children were primary and 37 per cent children. He was studying in secondary schools. At the same time, the number of refugee students pursuing higher education in this session was only six percent.

Presenting the report at a news conference, Becky Telford, head of the education department of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, said it was necessary to address these gaps as the number of displaced and refugees increased.

Data from 40 countries have been included in the report. It says partnerships must be strengthened to provide education to millions of refugee children.

Telford said that although the number of refugees pursuing higher education is very small, it has increased from one percent to three percent and now six percent in the past few years.

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