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Help people suffering from depression in these 5 ways, there will be no risk of suicide

World Suicide Prevention Day 2022: When a person is depressed, then it is the worst and difficult period of his life. Due to depression, many people turn away from life and embrace death. When a person has depression, his grief can only be felt by him. You and I cannot feel this pain just by looking at it. In fact, a depressed person needs people’s help. If you come forward to help the depressed person who is in time, then you can keep them away from the thought of suicide. Learn some important things about how you can support people struggling with depression.

start a conversation
According to this, talk to the depressed person as much as you can. He will also share his concern with you. Talk to them about what is going on in their mind. If he talks to you, he will feel lighter to a great extent.

don’t let them feel lonely
Maybe a friend or family member of yours is suffering from depression. In such a situation, you make him feel that you are with him. The feeling of loneliness during depression can be dangerous.

encourage therapy
If a person you know is depressed, they may not leave the house to see a doctor and get some kind of therapy. In this situation, you support him. Encourage them to take permanent therapy.

take special care
If you take care of a depressed person, then he also starts sharing his troubles and worries with you. You should always be there to help them. Listen to them so that no fatal thought like suicide comes in their mind.

help with everyday tasks
Living with depression is very difficult for every human being. Be it washing clothes or shopping, you help the person in small everyday tasks, so that he does not feel alone and bad thoughts do not grow in his mind. Your small effort can save a depressed person from dangers like suicide.

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