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‘Guards beat my head like a football’

London: A man living in Britain is lodged in a Dubai jail. Now he has told about the terrible condition of Dubai jail. Albert Douglas, jailed in Britain, has claimed that guards hit his head like a football. He said that he drinks toilet water to stay alive. According to Albert, most of the prisons date back to the Middle Ages. Douglas, 61, was arrested for failing to pay a debt to a company owned by his son. Douglas has nothing to do with that company. Yet he has been ordered to pay 2.5 million pounds.

There was a time when Albert lived on Palm Island, Dubai. He had a Rolls Royce car. Crores of rupees were in his bank account. But now the same Douglas narrates the grief of being beaten in prison. He said he was once beaten so badly in Al An prison that he broke his left shoulder. He suffered a serious head injury, due to which he was admitted to the hospital.

deaf due to beating
Referring to a one-time beating, Douglas said that the prison guards beat him on the head thinking it to be a football. Darkness fell before his eyes and he collapsed. Later he became deaf because of this. For six months he went without pain medicine. Albert is currently lodged in the Central Jail, but he has been refused to meet anyone due to Corona.

Albert’s sentence extended
Under the law of Dubai, when a person associated with a company is unable to repay the loan, then the family members have to bear the consequences. His sentence was to end on May 7, but he has been once again sentenced to two years. Albert says that such years will be added to his sentence. Albert’s son Wolfgang Douglas, who lives in London, says that the world of Dubai looks glamorous, but this is the real Dubai. Albert was in Britain when the allegations were made. His family asked him not to go to Dubai, but he felt that he had not committed any crime, he would prove it in the Dubai court.

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