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Follow these easy home remedies to get relief from facial swelling


Stay hydrated to reduce facial puffiness.
Swelling of the face can occur due to allergies or dehydration.
By giving a cold compress to the face, you can get rid of facial swelling.

Home Remedies for Puffy Face : Many times the face has to face the problem of swelling due to diseases, medicines or lack of rest. This problem does not only happen in the morning but can also stay with you throughout the day. There are many problems such as sinus or dental problems, stress, lack of sleep, consumption of cigarettes or alcohol, water retention, hormonal changes, kidney problems, allergies, due to which swelling appears on the face. Although this problem is common, but the existence of such problems for a long time also becomes a bell of danger. It is important that considering the right problem, it should be treated properly at the right time. Let us know how some easy home remedies and tips that can solve your problem,

Follow these home remedies for facial swelling:

Drink more and more water-
According to WebMD.com The body gets dehydrated due to drinking less water, in such a situation, the cells try to store more and more water, due to which the volume of the cells increases and the face swells. This problem can be solved if the body gets enough water.

Sleep with extra pillow
Swelling is also caused by excessive circulation or accumulation of body fluids on the face. For this, sleep with an extra pillow so that your head or face is at the level above the heart and the flow of body fluids is correct. This can give relief in the problem of swelling of the face.

Eat healthy diet-
Swelling on the face also occurs due to disease, allergy or infection. Fruits, vegetables, omega 3 fats, dark chocolate, ginger, turmeric are some of the food items that can be used to control inflammation.

Reduce alcohol consumption
Alcohol also dehydrates the body and causes swelling on the face. It also takes 12-24 hours for its effect to recover. Reduce the consumption of alcohol and avoid swelling of the face.

Give the face a cold pat
Take a soft cloth, moisten it with cold water and then keep it on the face and press it with light hands. This will reduce the swelling of the face as well as the face will get comfort and coolness.

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