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Employees are not being searched in these countries, business is stalling due to lack of workers, there is a request for help

Paris. There is a shortage of plumbers in Germany. America needs more postal workers for the Postal Service. There is a shortage of engineers in Australia. Whereas hospitals in Canada are looking for more nurses. After the easing of the restrictions of the Covid epidemic, a large number of people had resigned from their jobs in these countries. Looks like that era is not over yet. Michael Bloom, the chief executive of a software company in East Germany, said he was having a hard time finding workers.

According to a news from the news agency AFP, Bloom’s firm Current system is based in East Germany. He told that wherever we look, we are short of qualified people. Germany is the largest economy in Europe. There were 887,000 jobs vacant in August, which is about 108,000 more than last year. Whereas the situation in America is so bad that posters of ‘Help Wanted’ have been put up in front of restaurants and other businesses. There were over 1.1 crore job opportunities at the end of July. That is, there are two jobs for every job seeker.

Ariane Curtis, a Toronto-based economist at the research firm Capital Economics, said jobs around the world are still very difficult to fill. Curtis said countries in Western Europe and North America are finding it particularly difficult to fill jobs. However, this problem also exists in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Latin America. The world economy has slowed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, yet workers remain scarce. There is a shortage of teachers in Texas, so there are not enough workers in the health systems of Italy or Canada. The shortage has led to the closure of pharmacies in the US state of Wisconsin, services in hospitals in Canada’s Alberta province, and restaurants in Australia’s Sunshine Coast for some time during the day.

shortage of white collar workers
Clement Verrier, executive co-head of a recruiting firm in Paris, said earlier it was difficult to find recruiting companies. Now the situation is opposite. Now we see a huge number of such candidates who disappear in the middle of the recruitment process without informing them.

Jobs are there, but companies are struggling with shortage of skilled workers, targets are not being met

change in mindset of people
Due to the increase in the number of aging population in these countries, there was already a shortage of workers. But this problem exploded with the pandemic of Kovid. Many reasons account for this. Some have opted to retire early, others have been battling Covid symptoms for a long time. While others have complaints of poor working conditions or low wages. There has been a huge drop in immigration due to the lockdown. People and workers moving out of cities are taking the time to consider their career options. Companies are paying more salaries to keep or entice employees. Option to work from home, bonus and more holidays are also being given. Some countries are relaxing their immigration rules to attract more workers.

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