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Does the child remain hungry even after drinking breast milk? Know effective measures so that fat increases in milk

Tips to increase fat in breast milk: Fat is an essential element of a child’s diet. If the child does not get this nutrient, then he will feel hungry again and again and he will also be very upset. Fat is not only helpful in filling the stomach of the child, but also in giving him energy, developing his mind and body. Sometimes the amount of fat in mother’s milk becomes very less. Although the amount of fat in milk keeps increasing, but if the fat becomes so low that it does not fill the stomach of the child, then some tips can help you. First let’s know about the fats found in breast milk.

Fats present in breast milk
Fats such as triglycerides, polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 3 fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids, cholesterol and monosaturated fatty acids are present in breast milk.

tips to increase fat
Mom Junction According to this, feed the baby one side breast milk first. Until the milk of one side is completely finished, do not let it go the distance side. Due to this, milk will start to be made again and the amount of fat can also improve. If the baby does not drink full milk from one side, then a breast pump can be used, so that that milk can be stored for later.

breast massage
If the breast is massaged during or after feeding, it also helps in clearing the milk duct. This helps in increasing the fat content. Breast compression can help in getting fatty milk.

good food
Even if the mother’s diet is good, the amount of fat in breast milk starts increasing, so the mother should consume a balanced diet. Do not eat outside things except healthy things.

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