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Do not treat Migraine just like Headache, follow these special tips to avoid pain


People suffering from migraine should not use computer or mobile much.
Loud noise can also become a major reason for migraine pain.

Home Remedy To Control Migraine, Reason Of Migraine: Migraine is a type of headache, but it is quite different from a normal headache. At present, many cases of migraine are coming to the fore. Migraine headache also causes burning in the eyes, vomiting and dizziness. The biggest feature of a migraine is that it causes severe pain in one half of the head. Sometimes this pain becomes so severe that even the head has to be tied with a cloth.

More than one billion people in the world suffer from the problem of migraine. If you also have a problem of migraine, then you should consult a health expert. However, even before seeing a doctor, you can do some things that can reduce the problem of migraine or prevent it from progressing. web md According to the news, there are some ways by which you can understand whether you are suffering from migraine or not and you can take measures to reduce the pain by staying at home.

bright light problem
Do you have trouble in bright light? If so, then you can be one of the people suffering from migraine. Those who have migraine problems are more sensitive to light and this is called photophobia. To avoid this, you can put curtains in the room and wear dark glasses when you go out.

create a fixed schedule
It is important for people suffering from migraine to make a schedule for their sleep and wake up at night. Along with this, set a time table for breakfast and lunch as well as dinner. Try to do exercise every day.

Stress is fatal for migraine
Migraine patients should avoid stress. Headache can be more in tension condition. Do whatever you can to maintain peace in life and do what makes you happy. Try to keep yourself busy. Avoid working at the same place for meeting hours.

keep mint together
If you are a patient of migraine who gets headache from any perfume or perfume, then you should keep mint or coffee beans with you.

Sometimes certain fragrances give relief in headache. If you smell peppermint, you can get some relief while the aroma of lavender gives you a new consciousness. You can also use peppermint and lavender oil on the wrist.

relief from snow
Research on migraine has also revealed that if a cold pack is placed around the neck during pain, then it reduces the pain. However, experts are not yet completely sure about how it works. For this, a bag or cloth filled with ice or cold water can be used. This gives relief in both swelling and pain.

protect from blue rays
Blue rays further aggravate the problem of migraine. Usually, when we use a computer or mobile phone, the blue rays emitted from it trigger a migraine and we feel pain. If you are suffering from migraine, then use computer or mobile to a minimum.

reduce noise
Just as bright light is fatal for migraine, similarly loud sound is also harmful for migraine. People suffering from migraine should try to stay in a quiet place. But if this is not possible, then keep earplugs with you and use it in a noisy place.

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