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Could Covid-19 increase the risk of Alzheimer’s? Learn shocking things from neurologist


People aged 80 years or older are most at risk.
By controlling sugar and BP, you can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Covid-19 And Risk Of Alzheimer’s: Kovid-19 has been wreaking havoc all over the world for almost 3 years. Crores of people have lost their lives due to this and people recovering from it are facing side effects for years. In a recent study, a shocking thing has come to the fore regarding Kovid infection. According to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, the risk of Alzheimer’s increases manifold in older people who are vulnerable to Kovid. Who is most affected by Alzheimer’s disease and how can it be prevented? The answers to all the questions related to this are known from the experts.

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What is Alzheimer’s disease?
of New Delhi Dr. Neeraj Kumar, Neurologist at Moolchand Hospital According to this, the condition of weak memory of elderly people is called Alzheimer’s. This is the most common type of dementia. Generally people who are 80 or 90 years old are more prone to Alzheimer’s. The risk of this disease is 50 percent for the elderly above 90 years of age and 10 to 20 percent in people up to 80-90 years. Younger people are less prone to Alzheimer’s. However, due to genetic reasons, young people can also get this disease.

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Know the main cause of Alzheimer’s
Dr. Neeraj Kumar says that the biggest reason for Alzheimer’s and dementia is old age. People aged 80 or older are most at risk. Patients with diabetes and blood pressure can also have this problem. Apart from this, lifestyle related problems and genetic factors can also cause Alzheimer’s. If we talk about the risk of Alzheimer’s from Kovid-19 infection, then not much can be said about it at the moment. Have been exposed to stroke due to Kovid, but cases of Alzheimer’s or dementia have not been seen. This can be detected in future research.

How to prevent Alzheimer’s?
Neurologists say that the best way to avoid Alzheimer’s is to balance your lifestyle. The risk of Alzheimer’s can be reduced by controlling sugar and BP. Apart from this, it is very important to exercise and keep the brain engaged. If you remain physically and mentally active, then your memory will not be weak even in old age. Many diseases can be avoided by taking care of mental health.

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