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Bleeding gums are a sign of increased blood sugar, know the dental problems caused by it


Diabetes patients should take special care of oral hygiene.
Gum problems can increase due to diabetes.

Dental Problems In High Blood Sugar : Nowadays most of the people are troubled by the problem of high blood sugar level i.e. diabetes. Due to changing lifestyle and bad eating habits, many diseases including diabetes surround. Don’t know what efforts have to be made to get rid of them. Diabetes has many negative effects on the body, in which the oral and oral health of the patient can be affected the most. In diabetic patients, problems like gum disease, cavity can become seriously troubled. In such a situation, people suffering from diabetes should be aware of their oral health. Heart and kidney related problems can also be reduced along with diabetes by keeping the teeth and gums properly cleaned in the mouth. Learn how diabetes can affect oral health.

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Diabetes can become the cause of dental problem
According to niddk.nih The saliva present in our mouth is a liquid substance that prevents bacteria from growing in the mouth by breaking down the food and turning it into a fluid form. Mouth saliva fights bacteria and prevents cavity or decay in the mouth. When you are suffering from diabetes, then the amount of glucose in saliva increases. Which together with the bacteria in the food form a sticky substance that you know by the name of plaque. The accumulation of plaque over a long period of time can lead to serious gum problems. According to experts, the risk of cavity and gum decay in the teeth of patients is also very high due to the medication of diabetes.

Mouth problems due to diabetes
Due to dry mouth, diabetes makes less saliva in the mouth, which can lead to ulcers, ulcers and infections in the mouth.
Thrush is an infection of the mouth in which a lot of pain has to be endured with white spots.
Burning mouth syndrome, a burning sensation inside the mouth due to increased blood sugar level in the body.
In diabetes, the taste of food and drink can seem bad and changed.
All these problems of the mouth can cause problems in following the right diet plan for diabetes or eating and drinking.

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