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Bhujangasana corrects imbalanced hormones, these other yogas are also very beneficial

Benefits of Bhujangasana: If the hormones in the body are unbalanced, then it can lead to many health-related problems. Hormones are very important for our body. They not only give energy to the body, but also help in maintaining the growth and metabolism of the body. If these hormones become unbalanced, then problems like body pain, fatigue, sleep problems, skin problems, obesity, thinness, irregular periods can be seen. To correct this imbalanced hormones, it is necessary to maintain good health. In which Bhujangasana can help you. Hormones remain balanced by doing this yoga. How do they do it, and what are the benefits. Let’s know.

Benefits of Bhujangasana
Bhujangasana can be very helpful in correcting imbalanced hormones. It is also called cobra pose. This asana can be done by leaning backwards. Many health benefits can be seen by doing this asana.
,stylecrase According to this, imbalanced hormones can be corrected.
Muscles are strengthened by this yoga asana.
Heart health is good with Bhujangasana.
– Gets relief from back pain.
Problems related to periods also remain away. Repeat this asana 3 to 6 times

How to do Bhujangasana
Lie down on your stomach on the ground by laying a mat.
Keep the palms of your hands under your shoulders.
Keep the feet together.
While straightening the arms, lift the upper body part on the hand.
Slowly lower the body before holding it down.

Other Yogas Are Also Helpful
Ustrasana ie Camel Pose, Sasangasana, Resistance and Weights, High Intensity Interval Training, Walking, Shalabhasana etc. can also be beneficial to correct the imbalanced hormones.
,bodywise.com According to this, unbalanced hormones can also be corrected by Setu Bandha Sarvagasana. This improves thyroid.
By doing Baddha Konasana, there is relief from the problem of PCOD.
Malasana helps in toning the muscles and keeping the hormones balanced.

Apart from Bhujangasana, these are also some such asanas, which by doing it everyday can help in correcting the imbalanced hormones.

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