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Are your palms and soles always cold? Signs of this disease can be


Coldness of palm and soles can be symptoms of disease.
With the help of heating pad, you can warm the palm and soles.

How To Cure Cold Palms And Soles: It is common for palms and soles to remain cool in winter, but it is not normal for palms and soles to be cold even in summers. Many times people ignore it as a small problem, but it can be a sign of a bigger disease. There can be many reasons for this problem. One of these could be poor blood circulation. When there is less blood circulation in the body, then the palms and soles start getting cold. Low blood circulation can also reduce the temperature in the limbs. This problem can happen to a person of any age. Especially people suffering from diabetes and cholesterol are more prone to it. Let us know what measures can be adopted to get rid of this problem.

Wear gloves and socks
According to Medical News Today Cold palms and soles can be a sign of Raynaud’s disease. In this, apart from the fingers and thumb, sometimes the nose and ears turn white or blue and swell. This disease often troubles those who live in very cold places. Blood vessels can be normalized by wearing extra gloves and socks.

use heating pad
People who have trouble sleeping due to cold palms and soles can use heating pads. The feet can be easily heated with a heating pad. Along with this, it can also help in relaxing the muscles of the feet. The blood circulation of the body can also be improved with a heating pad.

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hot footbath
A hot footbath can be used to warm the cold palm and soles. Taking a footbath can increase the blood circulation of the hands and feet. Regularly 10 to 15 minutes of footbath can be done. It can relieve tension and relax the muscles.

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eat ginger
Ginger is very hot which can help in increasing blood circulation. Ginger can be consumed regularly to warm the palm and soles. For this, the consumption of ginger tea can be beneficial. If other symptoms appear along with the coldness of the palm and soles, then the doctor should be contacted immediately.

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