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Are you troubled by the habit of forgetting? Follow these 7 ways to increase memory

Methods for Improving Your Memory: Often we forget to keep the key somewhere or keep some important document here and there, then we do not remember where it was kept. In such a situation, there is annoyance about one’s own memory. This problem happens many times to the students during the preparation of the exam, in which they forget the answers of some important questions on the spot and get frustrated about the result. After all these troubles, it is natural to lose faith in one’s own memory or lack of confidence. verywellmind According to him, one good thing is that you can make your memory strong in many ways. Here we tell you some such techniques, with the help of which you can remember things for a long time and increase your memory power.

way to increase memory

give attention to focus
Try that when you are remembering or studying something, then there should not be any kind of distraction at that place. For example, there should be no TV, radio, children or friends etc.

avoid cramming
Try to read as much material as possible, do research on the internet, discuss that topic with teacher or friends. By doing this the material will sit well in the mind. Don’t try to cram.

do it systematically
It has been found in research that if you keep or read things in an organized way, then you will remember those things easily.

figure out a way to remember
To memorize you find a way which you can remember either like poetry, song, jokes, riddles. This will help you in recalling.

practice and revise
If you will read something again and again or keep practicing the things done twice or thrice, then you will be able to remember those things long term.

visual concept
You can write on some flash cards, colorful notes etc. and stick them on the wall or board. Even after seeing them again and again, they get stuck in the mind.

get plenty of sleep
When there is no sleep, the memory starts decreasing. So get some sleep.

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